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The House

Nouvel Amour is a Parisian brand of high fantasy jewelry which, since 2007, has immersed you in a universe where breathtaking glamor and pure elegance meet.

With a touch of daring and a creative spirit, Nouvel Amour invites you on an extraordinary journey through its timeless collections. Explore customizable jewelry, each designed to reflect your unique story.

Each personalized piece of jewelry captures a precious moment in your life – a sweet word, a meeting, a birth. The medals engraved with emblematic messages resonate like infinite echoes in your daily life, transforming each moment into a personal legend.

Authenticity and Beliefs

Jewelry imbued with strong and authentic values, creating a unique bond with each customer.

Custom Jewelry

Transform every piece of jewelry into a treasured keepsake with our unique personalization options.

Parisian Know-How

Jewelry carefully made in our Parisian workshop, combining elegance and refinement.

Unique Customization

Transform every piece of jewelry into a treasured keepsake. At Nouvel Amour, you have the opportunity to engrave your words of love and create unique pieces. Whether it's a medal, a ring or earrings, each piece of jewelry tells your story and symbolizes your important moments. Give a gift full of emotion and meaning.