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Personalize your jewelry for unforgettable moments

Personnaliser vos bijoux pour des moments inoubliables


At Nouvel Amour, each piece of jewelry is much more than a simple accessory. It is a work of art, a bearer of memories and a symbol of deep emotions. Personalization of jewelry is at the heart of our philosophy, allowing everyone to create unique pieces that tell their own story. This article explores the different ways to personalize your jewelry at Nouvel Amour and how these creations can immortalize unforgettable moments.

Why personalize your jewelry?

Personalizing a piece of jewelry means giving it an additional dimension, that of the intimate and unique. Personalized jewelry is not just beautiful: it carries messages, memories and emotions. Whether to celebrate a birth, a birthday, a meeting or simply to express feelings, personalization transforms each piece of jewelry into a unique treasure.

Personalization options at Nouvel Amour

Nouvel Amour offers a multitude of options to personalize your jewelry and make it truly unique. Engraving is one of the most popular forms of personalization, allowing initials, names, important dates or personal messages to be written on our medals. These engravings can be made on different sizes of medals, ranging from 10mm to 25mm, depending on your preferences.

You can also choose from a variety of materials for your jewelry, including gold, silver, and gold-plated, and opt for the finish that best suits your personal style and taste. For a touch of color and shine, it is possible to add precious stones to your personalized jewelry, perfectly reflecting your personality. For those looking for even greater customization, Nouvel Amour offers the possibility of creating tailor-made designs. Our artisans work with you to design a unique piece that meets your exact desires.

Personalization for every occasion

Jewelry personalization at Nouvel Amour is ideal for all occasions. A piece of jewelry engraved with a special date or loving message is a perfect anniversary gift, showing how much you care about that person and that day. For weddings, personalized jewelry is perfect, whether engraved wedding rings or gifts for family members and close friends, symbolizing love and commitment in a very personal way.

Celebrate the arrival of a newborn with a medal engraved with their first name and date of birth, a precious keepsake that parents will cherish forever. Every important moment in life deserves to be celebrated, whether it is a professional success, a memorable trip or any other significant event, a personalized piece of jewelry will keep track of it.

The personalization experience at Nouvel Amour

Personalizing a piece of jewelry at Nouvel Amour is a unique experience. We support you at every step, from the choice of jewelry to the final engraving. Our craftsmen, experts in their field, ensure that each piece is perfect and faithfully reflects your wishes. You can visit our Parisian workshop to see the artisans at work and discuss your ideas, or use our online personalization service to order from home.


The personalization of jewelry at Nouvel Amour allows you to create unique pieces that tell your story and celebrate your most precious moments. Whether for a special gift or for yourself, personalized jewelry is always a meaningful and moving choice. Explore our customization options and be inspired by the art of creating jewelry that is more than just accessories, but unforgettable memories. To discover all our customization possibilities, visit our website or our Parisian workshop.

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