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The fascinating story of Nouvel Amour, from creation to today

L'histoire fascinante de Nouvel Amour, de la création à aujourd'hui


Since its creation in 2007, Nouvel Amour has established itself as an essential reference in the world of high costume jewelry. Founded in Paris, the brand embodies both elegance and boldness, offering unique creations that celebrate life's precious moments. This article traces the fascinating history of Nouvel Amour, from its modest beginnings to its current recognition, highlighting the values ​​and commitment that make the brand unique.

The beginnings of New Love

In 2007, Nouvel Amour was born under the leadership of its founders, passionate about the art of jewelry and the world of luxury. From the start, the goal was clear: to create jewelry that not only looks beautiful, but that tells a story. The first collections, marked by elegant and timeless designs, quickly met with success with customers looking for unique and personalized pieces.

A Parisian brand with a unique soul

Nouvel Amour's DNA is deeply rooted in Parisian elegance. Each piece of jewelry is designed in the brand's Parisian workshop, where artisans make a point of combining tradition and modernity. Nouvel Amour's creations reflect the soul of Paris: refined, daring and imbued with romanticism. This strong identity appeals to a local and international clientele, who see in Nouvel Amour a symbol of accessible and authentic luxury.

The importance of personalization

One of the most distinctive aspects of Nouvel Amour is undoubtedly the personalization. From its beginnings, the brand has offered the possibility of engraving personal messages on its jewelry, transforming each piece into a unique and meaningful object. Whether to celebrate a birth, a meeting or any other precious moment, Nouvel Amour's engraved medals are like endless letters that resonate in everyone's life. This attention to personalization has allowed the brand to forge a special place in the hearts of its customers.

The evolution of the collections

Over the years, Nouvel Amour has diversified its collections while remaining faithful to its initial spirit. From medals to bracelets , including rings and earrings, each creation is designed to be both timeless and modern. The collections are distinguished by their elegance and their ability to evoke strong emotions. Nouvel Amour does not hesitate to innovate by introducing new materials and techniques, while retaining the artisanal essence that makes it successful.

Commitments and values

Beyond aesthetics, Nouvel Amour is committed to creating high-quality jewelry, using noble and durable materials. The brand has strong beliefs in social and environmental responsibility, ensuring that each stage of manufacturing complies with ethical standards. This commitment translates into partnerships with responsible suppliers and total transparency on production processes.

Recognition and expansion

Today, Nouvel Amour is recognized as a benchmark brand in the high costume jewelry sector. Its reputation extends well beyond French borders, with an increased presence on international markets. The brand continues to attract a loyal clientele thanks to its unique know-how and personalized approach. Collaborations with influencers and celebrities have also helped to strengthen Nouvel Amour's notoriety, making its creations must-haves in the fashion world.


The story of Nouvel Amour is that of a brand that has combined tradition and innovation to create unique jewelry, full of emotion and meaning. Since 2007, the Parisian house has continued to reinvent itself while remaining faithful to its fundamental values. Today, Nouvel Amour continues to write its story with passion, offering its customers pieces that not only embellish, but which tell a real story. If you would like to discover the world of Nouvel Amour and find out more about its exceptional journey, visit our “La Maison” page.

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