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Guide to personalized jewelry for every occasion

Guide des bijoux personnalisés pour chaque occasion


Personalized jewelry is a unique and memorable gift, perfect for marking important moments in life. Whether for a birthday, a wedding, a birth or any other special occasion, personalized jewelry expresses sincere feelings and creates lasting memories. At Nouvel Amour, we offer a variety of customization options for every event. This guide will help you choose the perfect piece of jewelry for every occasion.


A birthday is the ideal occasion to offer a personalized piece of jewelry. For a milestone anniversary, a medal engraved with a special date, a first name or a message of love is a meaningful choice. A bracelet adorned with charms representing shared memories or birthstones adds a personal touch. Rings with engraved initials or special inscriptions are also memorable gifts that symbolize love and affection.


Personalized jewelry plays a pivotal role in wedding celebrations. Wedding rings engraved with the wedding date, the names of the spouses or a short message of love are eternal symbols of commitment and fidelity. For brides, personalized necklaces and bracelets can complement the wedding outfit, adding a touch of elegance and meaning. Gifts for family members and close friends, such as engraved medallions or bracelets, are also a lovely way to thank those who share this special day.


Celebrating the arrival of a newborn with personalized jewelry is a moving tradition. A medal engraved with the baby's first name and date of birth is a precious gift for new parents. Bracelets with symbolic charms, like little feet or hearts, add a personal dimension. For grandparents, offering jewelry engraved with the grandchild's initials or first name is a touching way to celebrate this new life.

Baptisms and communions

Personalized jewelry is traditional gifts for baptisms and communions. A cross engraved with a baptism or communion date, a first name or a biblical verse is a classic and meaningful choice. Bracelets and necklaces with religious charms, such as angels or crosses, can be personalized to become cherished keepsakes. These jewelry symbolize faith and spiritual commitment, and are often kept for life.

Mother's and Father's Day

Offering a personalized piece of jewelry on the occasion of Mother's or Father's Day is a touching and thoughtful gesture. For mothers, a necklace or bracelet engraved with their children's first names or a message of love is a moving gift. Stackable rings, each engraved with a first name, are also very popular. For dads, a medal or leather bracelet with a special engraving is a stylish way to show affection and admiration.

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to offer personalized jewelry to your partner. A necklace with a medal engraved with a message of love, an important date or intertwined initials is a romantic and memorable gift. Personalized bracelets and rings with love symbols, like hearts or infinities, add a personal touch to your special day. These jewels express sincere feelings and strengthen romantic bonds.

Thanks and recognitions

Personalized jewelry is also a great way to say thank you or recognize an accomplishment. Whether to thank a friend, colleague or mentor, a medal engraved with a message of gratitude or a significant date is a thoughtful gift. Bracelets with symbolic charms or engraved rings are also stylish ways to show appreciation.


Nouvel Amour's personalized jewelry is the perfect gift for every special occasion. They allow you to express sincere emotions and create lasting memories. Whether for a birthday, a wedding, a birth or any other important event, personalized jewelry is always a precious touch. Explore our personalization options to find the ideal piece of jewelry that reflects your feelings and marks life's important moments. To discover our collection and create your personalized jewelry, visit our website or our Parisian store.

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