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The talisman necklace is adorned with a 25mm diameter gold-plated medallion with an octopus engraved on its front.
The medal is mounted on a long rope chain of 80cm in gold filled.

You can personalize it by having a message engraved on the back.
Gold plated and gold filled.

Symbolism of the octopus
The octopus symbolizes wisdom, flexibility, strength and fearlessness.

On order you can choose from our entire list of talismans.

Like any novelty product, the gold or silver plating layer may wear or weather over time. However, a few factors such as frequent washing, contact with perfume or other alcohols / detergents, storage in a humid environment, careless use or an acidic skin pH can greatly accelerate this process.

Keep your jewelry in its original packaging or in a soft pouch to avoid any scratches. Remove your jewelry before washing your hands, swimming, or applying cosmetics.

The butterfly: symbolizes a deep metamorphosis.
The turtle: symbolizes protection and the path to peace.
The pink flamingo : it is associated with the phoenix and inspires renewal and courage.
The octopus: symbolizes wisdom, flexibility, strength and fearlessness.
The elephant: it evokes longevity, prosperity, wisdom, strength and power.
The squirrel: it evokes balance.
The fish: is the symbol of femininity, it nourishes and brings life.
The piaf: symbolizes the Parisian.
The heart: It symbolizes support and love, it is a lucky charm.
The clover: Its great rarity makes it a symbol of luck. Each of its leaves symbolizes hope, faith, love and luck.
The crescent moon: symbolizes youth, beginning, carelessness, freedom, courage. The warlike and savage aspect.
Lightning: it's rock

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